So what is it that we do as Alums other than to relive "This one time in band camp..."?

Our mission as an Alumni Band chapter is to "Provide Kansas State University Marching Band Alumni an arena to continue their band participation and to support the Kansas State University Marching Band program."

Reconnecting with Alumni
Every two years we have a Reunion where we meet with the KSU Marching Band and play with them on the field as time/commitment permits. We take this opportunity to also play in the parking lot gathering donations to help pay for the yearly Scholarship that is given to a current KSU Marching Band member. Although we are musicians at heart and want to play at every opportunity, we also have non-playing meet-ups.

Support the Bands
We help raise money so that every year, the Alumni Band supports one KSUMB member with a $500 scholarship. We also offer our musical talents to help play at K-State basketball games during the winter holidays.

2013 Alumni Band Reunion
KSU Marching Band
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