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What do we do at KSU Alumni Band events? Read on and find out what you've been missing out on!

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KSU Alumni Band tries to get together for at least one home football game of each odd-numbered season. This is known as Alumni Band Day, or Alumni Band Reunion. The plan of the day is to...
  • meet up several hours before the game, where we...
  • practice a little (a.k.a. try to remember which end of the horn to blow in), before finding some shade and...
  • enjoy a catered meal, while watching the fashion show that takes place when the officers...
  • hand out those stylin' KSUAB t-shirts, while most of us continue to...
  • sit and gab, and...
  • try not to be too obnoxious to other groups around us who never had the pleasure of "entertaining" the porta-potties, as we gather up our equipment and go...
  • entertain the porta-potties, which is an important tradition in KSUAB, but not quite as rewarding as when we...
  • rove the parking lot entertaining tailgate parties while shamelessly plugging for donations to the KSU Alumni Band Scholarship Fund which benefits the KSU Marching Band, not to mention a few spare brats & burgers so we can...
  • make sure the Tubas are fed before we...
  • invade Bill Snyder Family Stadium and get ready for pre-game with
    The Pride of Wildcatland, the Kansas State University Marching Band!


... and football

Tailgates give us an opportunity to get together before a game, grab a bite to eat, and tell (mostly fictional) band camp stories to the new alums. Then we head in to Bill Snyder Family Stadium and cheer on the Cats! Our tailgates are relaxed, family-friendly, non-performance events.

During the basketball season, KSUAB is typically invited to participate at selected basketball game(s) in support of the active KSU Pep Band members who are either out on winter break or, unlike another school down the road, performing at a bowl game.

We usually meet at Bramlage and study which end of the horn to blow in (again). Then we warm up, play some pre-game music, and pep ourselves out during the game.

You can tell when we get our groove back... key signatures become optional.

We typically embarrass our kids, who pretend not to notice what we're doing. Then they start twittering about facing their book with instant grammar ... whatever that means ... while pulling out their smartphones.

Attendance at the KSUAB portion of an event is free for family/guests, except for the Reunion meal which does have a separate cost. Any family member attending a KSU sporting event will require a game ticket. We normally have a block of seats at the football game.

Family members are welcome to attend any KSUAB event. We promise we won't make them carry the bass drum.

After each event we try to find a restaurant that doesn't mind if a bunch of band geeks sit around and gab for a couple of hours about the glory days while enjoying an English muffin (if you're Scott Freeby!)

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A purple video we found on the interwebs:
Go marching with KSUMB at the 2012 Cotton Bowl - shako-cam video from trumpet section
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